Audit of individual and consolidated financial statements.

Auditing Companies perform substantial, documented and in-depth audit services over the financial statements of companies, presenting documented results.

At AUDIRE, we approach all auditing services provided in complete compliance with the International Audit Standards and the legislation in force, as well as according to the accounting standards applied on a case-by-case basis (IFRS, Greek GAAP), ensuring the smooth and unhindered operation of the company.

A company audit, with regard to its financial status (Audit of individual and Consolidated financial statements), performed according to the International Audit Standards, evaluates the company’s financial position and performance, preserves its reliability in the market, before the shareholders and the parties performing transactions with the company, detects any possible risks, and promotes proper management.

Tax compliance audit

A company tax compliance audit, performed according to our country’s applicable tax legislation, ensures and protects both the audited company and the State against any risks included in the non-timely and proper fulfillment of the companies’ tax duties. The granting of a tax compliance certificate is provided in art. 65A of L. 4174/2013 and the auditing procedures which must be applied by auditing firms for the granting of the certificate are determined in POL 1124/2015.

Special – Management Audits

The Auditing Services assumed by Certified Public Accountants also include Special Management Audits, internationally known as Due Diligence. These audits serve specific purposes and are accompanied by the compilation of Special Reports. Usually, these audits are necessary for companies with an imminent takeover or merger, but they are also indicated in cases of companies to be admitted in the stock market (Initial Public Offer-IPO). Sometimes, special audits are requested by company shareholders or court and/or supervisory authorities to ascertain the status of a company or clarify any suspicions or complaints on the company’s mismanagement. AUDIRE, as an audit company with experience, knowledge and know-how on the field of special management audits, assumes and effectively completes special management audits with high demands.

At AUDIRE, we build long-term relationships of trust and cooperation, adding value to both our customers and partners.