Consulting Services

At AUDIRE, we have focus intensively on specific aspects in the provision of consulting services. The sectors on which we provide specialized consulting services include the following:

Consulting services on company liquidation-bankruptcy issues

The liquidation process follows a decision for the permanent termination of operations of a legal entity (liquidation resolution). At AUDIRE, being familiar with all the procedures required, we are able to provide you with the complete support for the liquidation procedures of a legal entity.

Sustainability – Investment business plans

The sustainability study of a company or a corporate plan, internationally known as a business plan, aims to provide an accurate presentation of the company’s capacity to allow profitable operation. To complete this study, the company’s size and characteristics must be depicted, along with its strengths and weaknesses, the strengths and weaknesses of the market it targets and the company’s capacity, size and existing competition. The characteristics of the products or services it provides should be evaluated, the company’s potential, as well as its income and expenses, should be forecasted and all its short-term and long-term cash flow needs for operating capital should be analyzed. At AUDIRE, we are equipped with excellent knowledge in our field and significant experience, we can prepare any sustainability – investment business plan.

Consulting on investments

We share our experience and knowledge through the provision of this valuable consulting service with regard to recommendations on strategy, investments and the company’s general plan of action. At AUDIRE, we consider the company’s needs, its business objectives and vision, and we evaluate the investment cost and potential risks with regard to the risk profile adopted by the company, by examining the company’s investments along time.

Tax Consulting

Even within a stable tax framework, and even more so in a framework which constantly and unexpectedly fluctuates, tax consulting is important for any company wishing to be consistent in its tax obligations and ready to address any potential risks. Our long-term experience on tax issues ensures the provision of specialized tax advice, with knowledge on the subject matter and continuous updates on the tax legislation, not only in our country, but also to the country in which the customer operates or considers to operate. AUDIRE consulting services team has the experience to compose judicial administrative appeals the tax authorities, evaluate a company’s tax obligations, estimate the potential future tax liabilities or benefits etc.