Relevant audit

Relevant audit services consist of an expansion of other compliance audit services, responding to the special needs of companies for specific purposes-objectives. These include the following:

Company evaluation

Since corporate strategies may be altered, this creates the need to purchase or sell a sector or division of a company or the entire company. At this point, a necessary element before starting any discussions is the evaluation of the company’s actual value (in whole or in part) which will be the subject of the business transaction.

At AUDIRE, we analyze and consider the company’s productive and financial structure, to accurately determine its business position and its current market value.

Spin-offs – Merger of Companies

The companies’ modern business planning may require separate and independent operation of segments of their business (business segmentation) or the integration of new production departments in specific production structures (vertical forms).

At AUDIRE, we are being familiar with the applicable Greek legislation (L. 4548/2018, L.2190/2920, L. 2166/1993, L. 1297/1972, L. 4601/2018, L. 4172/2013), and we are able to provide thorough consulting on the current status of companies, assisting them in their business planning.

Conversion of companies’ legal form

A company’s legal form conversion requires documented knowledge of the applicable Greek legislation. At AUDIRE, we believe that a key element in the selection of a proper legal form is primarily an understanding of the company’s needs. We always offer our support to companies, aiming to the achievement of their goals.